2x2 Troffer retrofit kits

  • 2x2 Troffer retrofit kits
  • 2x2 Troffer retrofit kits
  • 2x2 Troffer retrofit kits
  • 2x2 Troffer retrofit kits
Product Description
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Features of Led retrofit kit          
1. 2×2 : 24W/36W
    2×4 : 24W/36W/42W/50W
4.Optional microwave sensor
5.Internal Driver
6.Standard PC diffuser
7.1-10V Dimming optional
8. Easy to install

The WL-TRRS22/24  LED troffer  fixture  is a design based on the idea of green energy . It saves about 50% energy compared with the fluorescent  troffer. The WL-TRRS22/24 accepts 120-277VAC, and have a high lumen efficiency up to 125-130Lm/W. With well-distributed and soft light, high stability, long life, elegant and special external design. This Luminaries is regarded as the leading of greening Lighting for commercial and industrial uses.
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1.Disconnect power of existing fixture.
2.Remove door frame (if installed) and lamps. If clearance permits, abandon ballast and socket bars inside the existing fixture. Otherwise remove them as needed. Please dispose lamps, door frame and ballast properly.

3.Lift luminaire existing housing and slide in both mounting brackets between the       housing  and the grid. Lower luminaire onto mounting brackets.  
4.Hang the LDR by its hinges on one of the mounting brackets.

 5.Install disconnect Power as wiring diagram shown above.

 6.Wire the existing fixture ground wire to the supplied ground wire/s. If no ground wire exists from the power supply, add ground wire to the existing luminaire housing. The LDR must be properly grounded.

 7.Close the Fixture and secure both latches on other side.

 8.Reconnect main power.
Min.Order Quantity: 500 Piece/Pieces Led retrofit kit
Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces per Month Led retrofit kit