Wisdom LED Strip Retrofit Kits

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Providing maximum lighting while consuming less energy, Wisdom LED Belly Pans are ideal for upgrading or starting 2-lamp and 4-lamp fluorescent strips commonly used in commercial lighting.

Already lowering energy consumption by up to 70%, our LED lights are also equipped with dimmer sensors to manage light usage, generating more savings.  These lights carry international certifications from ETL and DLC, assuring our customers get only quality products. All our LED lights are competitively priced and available for OEM and ODM, with a quick delivery period of 15-20 days.

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130 Lm/W

Luminous Efficiency

Universal Mounting Brackets

Fit strips with 4.25'' to 5.25'' width.

Operating Temperature

-4 to 122 F


0-10V Dimmer

Beam Angle

120 Degrees



Bluetooth And WIFI

Remote Control

1 5

LED Belly Pan Advantages

  • LM-80 certified high performance and reliable Bridgelux LEDs.
  • 5 power levels available: 20W&30W&40W(4FT),40W,60W&80W (8FT)
  • Industry’s fastest LED strip retrofit kit. Suitable for existing 4’ and 8’ fluorescent strips and could be installed in one minute.
  • High luminous efficiency. Long-life LED system coupled with electrical driver to deliver optimal performance with over 130 Lumens per watt

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