Wisdom LED Shoebox Light

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Wisdom’s certified and patented LED shoebox lights are available for ODM and OEM for brand owners and importers. Effective in widespread lighting for large spaces, our LED shoebox lights can be customized with any beam angles and work in ambient temperatures from -40° C to 40° C.

Our shoebox lights have 10 KA surge protection, along with motion sensors powered by photocells that turn on at dusk, off at dawn, and dim down to 10-90% when no activity is detected. Coming in an array of wattages, they support high levels of brightness while consuming fewer watts for greater lighting than ordinary lights.

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130 Lm/W

Luminous Efficiency


Surge Protection

L70 Rating



0-10V Dimmer

Light Distribution

Type III, type IV, and type V



Bluetooth And WIFI

Remote Control

Ambient Temperature

-40C to 40C

3 1

Easy Installation With Unique Bracket Design

  • 100-277Vac & 277-480Vac
  • 75W-300W Options
  • High luminous efficiency, 130Lm /W
  • Sensor Optional
  • Different Mounting brackets options
  • 10 KA surge protection

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