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As an industry leader in indoor lighting, Wisdom offers patented and competitively-priced LED strip lights that work great for OEM and ODM purchases. We manufacture long-lasting and efficient LED strip lights using quality materials and superior processing, ensuring each product meets international standards like CE, ETL, RoHS and UL.

With powerful lighting, low energy consumption, and a delivery time of 15-20 days, Wisdom LED strip lights are ideal replacements for 20W, 30W, 60W and 90W LED lighting fixtures. Customers will see drastic changes and immediate rebates on electric bills by switching to fixture LED strip lights.

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130 Lm/W

Luminous Efficiency

Universal Mounting Brackets

Fit strips with 4.25'' to 5.25'' width.

L70 Rating



0-10V Dimmer

Beam Angle

120 Degrees



Bluetooth And WIFI

Remote Control


LED Strip Light Advantages

  • Flexible applications. LED strip light has very flexible applications, either for commercial or industrial uses. It can conform to literally any shape.
  • LED strip light is one of the most durable lights. It can withstand extreme weathers such as earthquakes.
  • Various mounting methods are availabe. Numerous options and accessories are available.

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