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Wisdom Light is a professional LED Troffer’s manufacturer,the Gen 2 LED Troffer Light is the most thinnest Troffer in the wolrd.We can offer Slim Troffer,Double basket Troffer,Indirect Troffer different series Troffer to meet various requirements.Our LED troffers provide the same level of brightness while consuming 70% less energy. All LED troffers also carry certifications from recognized brands, such as FCC and ETL.

Delivery is a breeze, with products shipped out of our warehouse within 15-20 days from order date. ODM options are also available, giving our clients added room for customization from conception to production.

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Ultra-thin Design

130 Lm/W

Luminous Efficiency

L70 Rating



0-10V Dimmer

Beam Angle

120 Degrees



Bluetooth And WIFI

Remote Control

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LED Troffer Advantages

  • Stable performance. Earthquake clips allows stable performance in places that are often hit by earthquakes.
  • Good dissipation. Metal die-casting heat sink is good for dissipation.
  • Optimal light distribution. Soft and warm. No dark spots.
  • Motion sensor controllable. Multiple choices of motion sensor: RF control, dip-switch and MS-AC.
  • Watt-CCT changeable

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