Wisdom LED Wall Pack

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Wisdom’s LED wall packs are patented products that are ETL certified and have a color rendering index of 80. IP 65 rated, it possesses a unique design for its heat sink that saves much energy. Featuring high luminous efficiency and power-saving characteristics, the unidirectionality of LED illumination supports wall light distribution effectively.

Our LED wall packs are durable enough to resist shock and can be used normally for more than 5 years, saving you costs for replacements. They are available for ODM and OEM and at competitive prices for our brand owners and importer partners.

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140 Lm/W

Luminous Efficiency

IP Rating

IP 65 Rated

L70 Rating



0-10V Dimmer

Beam Angle

120 Degrees

Mounting Angle

0-90 Degrees

Bluetooth And WIFI

Remote Control

LED Driver

UL ClassⅡ LED driver


LED Wall Pack Advantages

  • Low ambient temperature.Our wall packs could work under a low temperature. That’s why you can use it for years without repairing it.
  • Quality anti-glare glass diffuser of the wall pack avoid accident because of glare.
  • Optional mounting ways. You are able to choose surface mounting with junction box.
  • Energy saving. Patented design of heat sink promises you a energy saving experience.

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