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  • Gen 1 Down Linear Light 2
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Our WL-2LSD is a 2.75 inch Wide Architecture Linear Light. This direct linear Light is available in lengths 2ft,4ft,6ft & 8ft and can be continuous seamless runs to any length. The specific modular design provides mounting method of suspended & wall mount & surface mount and recessed mount .The soft and continuous light is an ideal architecture luminaries for commercial, hospitality and residential interior lighting applications.


  • AC120-347V
  • Direct & Indirect
  • Offered in 2ft (20W), 4ft (40W), 6ft (50W), 8ft (70W) versions
  • Watt and CCT changeable options
  • Suspended, Wall Mount, Surface Mount,Recessed Mount
  • Finish Color: Matte Black/Glossy White/Matte Satin Aluminum(Note: Available in custom finish)


Wisdom WL-2LSUD series LED linear light features a sturdy aluminum body with a plastic diffuser and offers energy-saving with a high color rendering index lighting >80 CRI. It is a single and double emission hanging luminaire complete with high efficiency LED.The fixture is designed for offices, hotels,conference rooms, schools,colleges,hospitals,and residential use. The light can be suspended or wall mount. It is dimmable using a 0-10V dimmer. Available in 3-color changeable and 5-color changeable,2ft,4ft, 6ft,and 8ft lengths and finish in Satin Aluminum, Black or White colors.

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WL-2LSD2FT20WBDHV(XXK-XXK-XXK)-T2FT20W120-347V2600Lm3000K/4000K/5000KETL & DLC Pending
WL-2LSD4FT20WBDHV(XXK-XXK-XXK)K4FT20W120-347V2600Lm3000K/4000K/5000KETL & DLC Standard
WL-2LSD4FT40WADHV-XXK4FT50W120-347V5750Lm3500K-5000KETL & DLC Standard
WL-2LSD4FT40WBDHV(XXK-XXK-XXK)4FT40W120-347V5200Lm3500K/4000K/5000KETL & DLC Standard
WL-2LSD6FT50WADHV-XXK6FT50W120-347V6500Lm3500K-5000KETL & DLC Standard
WL-2LSD6FT50WBDHV(XXK-XXK-XXK)6FT50W120-347V6500Lm3500K/4000K/5000KETL & DLC Standard
WL-2LSD8FT70WAWADHV-XXK 8FT70W120-347V9200Lm3500K-5000KETL & DLC Standard
WL-2LSD8FT70WBDHV(XXK-XXK-XXK)8FT70W120-347V9100Lm3500K/4000K/5000KETL & DLC Standard

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