LED Indoor And Outdoor Lighting

LED architectural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures that last over 50000 hours. All LED products are ETL and UL listed.

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Wisdom spent almost 8 years refining and developing OEM and ODM manufacturing. We've received positive feedback from our clients, who had chosen some of the following OEM & ODM options:

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We mean it when we say it.

  • ETL
  • UL

Industry-leading 5 year limited warranty.

We bear the freight tariff during the warranty period.

Warranty doe not cover product failures due to an over-voltage event (power surge).

For installation where power surge is possible, we recommend install additional surge protection at the fixture or electrical distribution panel.

All received complaints will be solved within 3-5 days, and the client receives the repaired product before they return the damaged ones.

We pay overseas visit for 1 or 2 times a year. Top 20 clients have a chance to be supported technically on site.

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