Patented Technology

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Overseas Technology R&D Center

We've invested a great deal of money into setting up domestic technology R&D center, where we've seen innovations in lighting with the help of leading expertise and professional researchers.

Over 15 engineers with an average experience of 8 years are our backbone.The professionals are specialized in electrical, construction, thermal, and mechanical. Thanks to their contributions to developing qualified LED products, Wisdom has been patented by more than 20 authorities globally.

Innovative Lighting Technology

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Bluetooth Control Dimmable

Innovative and easy to use, our LED lights can be controlled and made dimmable through Bluetooth control. It is compatible with IOS and Android phones and without need for controllers or hubs. Our Bluetooth panel switch is easily installed on walls.

We make our Bluetooth panel affordable and cost-effective by using special batteries that do not use much power. Thanks to our R&D capabilities, we maximize our benefits for your customer’s convenience.

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Microwave Motion Sensor Detection

Applying the Doppler effect, our sensors can detect whether an object moves in a non-contact manner. An intelligent device, the detector will work when any human presence remains within the sensing area. When the body moves away from the area, it can calculate the delay and turn off, thus saving power while ensuring your safety.

The sensors also emit microwave signals and turns lights on when it senses temperature. With a special photocell, more power can be saved at daytime.

High-Performance LED Lights

Product Advantages

  • UL Listed Driver

    Quality driver leads to the best heat dissipation.

  • Energy Saving

    LED lights that saves 75% energy are environmental friendly.

  • L70 Rated

    LED lights retains 70% of their initial light output. 50000 operating hours guaranteed.

  • Waterproof

    From IP 65 to IP 68 rating.

  • Bluetooth And WIFI Control

    Our LED lights can be controlled over an American APP.

  • Unique Design

    Our engineers marries functions with heavy structured design.

  • Strictly Quality Tested

    Products must go through dozens of tests before being delivered to you.

Your Benefits

  • Qualified for rebates eligibility.
  • Low energy expenses.
  • Low maintanence cost.
  • Optimal performance under extreme weathers.
  • Meets different needs with a stable performance.
  • Good for practical use.
  • No worries of quality problems.

Wisdom LED Lights Applications

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Office Building

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Shopping Mall

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Gas Station

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road application technology


Wisdom Light, Light Up Your Wisdom Life.

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