Warranty and Return

We warranty the proper function and user satisfaction of all installed products.

The warranty is valid for all installations fulfilling the relevant norms and application requirements. The products shall be under usage of normal condition or as recommended in the manual.

  • * Product that has been modified by the user.
  • * Product was not installed or maintained according to manual or specification accompanied.
  • * Product was subject to unusual physical or electrical stress, misuse, or negligence.
  • * Product was non-defective or product defect was not related to our product functionality, including third-party modifications.
  • * Other damages caused after receipt of product by customer.


We will replace or repair defective products within seven working days upon our approved inspection of the returned product(s); if replacement or repair is not available, we will credit buyer's account. We will cover UPS Ground shipping cost for the return of defective product(s), and will be responsible for shipment of replacement products from our warehouse.

We will not reimburse or pay for unexpected costs or expenses, including without limitation labor or other costs associated with removal or reinstallation of the product, even if it is ultimately deemed to be defective.


    STEP 1: Prepare and provide following information

    1) Defective items (including part number and product name) and quantity 2) Description of the manufacturing defect 3) Proofs of defect, e.g. photos and videos 4) Original invoice issued by Wisdom Light 5) Date of purchase and, if already installed, date of installation

    STEP 2: Contact our Customer Service Team

    Please use one of the following methods to provide above information. E-mail: info@wisdomled.net Our Customer Service Team will advise you on the next steps to complete your warranty claims.

    To obtain approval of product return, customer needs to follow our return procedures below.

    1. Complete "Defective Return Form" or email info@wisdomled.net to obtain "Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number", "Authorized Shipping Account Number" and a shipping address label of our Return Center. 2. Indicate clearly the above "Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number" and "Authorized Shipping Account Number" on a tag attached on the return product and dispatch the product to the stated shipping address. 3. Returned product will be inspected upon arrival at the center. 4. Once product is determined to be defective, we will replace or repair the product within seven working days.


  • * Any return without authorization will not be accepted.
  • * If return product is found to be damaged, missing parts, a minimum 17% restocking fee will be charged.
  • * If return product is found to be non-damaged, the product will be returned to customer, at customer's expense, and a minimum 10% test fee of the product value will be charged.

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