LED Outdoor Lighting

As an LED outdoor lighting supplier based in China, we make energy-saving products, such as LED soffit light, LED shoebox light, LED wall pack. All our LEDs are ETL,UL,DLC listed and designed for various outdoor applications, from lighting large venues to streets.


Wisdom makes LED lights for outdoors top quality through its features that ensure expansive light distribution, high-quality optics and focused lighting. Improving nighttime safety, our lights come equipped with powerful motion sensors that can turn off when movement is not detected in the vicinity. Saving costs while maintaining premiere quality, our outdoor LEDs are the right fit for your industry.

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Why Us For Your Outdoor LED Lighting?

Low Cost On Energy And Maintenance

Compared to conventional lighting, LED uses five times less power and does not cost much to maintain. Special photocells can reduce power by turning off during daytime. Rhe cost of our light fixtures outdoor is reduced when you consider how they function for a longer period of time than HID lights. Buying our products is a worthwhile investment to give you an option that lasts through the years without need of replacement.

Precise Light Distribution

Wisdom LED products offer precise distribution of light that covers a large area. Milky white Polycarbonate lens with inside ribbing makes the fixture impact resistance and UV stabilized. With a directional light for guidance, our outdoor LED lighting products can adjust their positions to a given area. Our reliable UL driver allows a fixture to dim when it is set to 0-10 V dimmability. These features help our LED products save power without need for much maintenance and supervision.

Intelligent Lighting Control

Wisdom’s in-house LED outdoor lighting factory provides top of the line LED products with intelligent control over their lighting. Each of our LED outdoor lights have built-in photocell that are suitable for wet locations. Adding to the amazing capabilities of our LED products is a built-in microwave sensor that can detect movement and save power without the need for light switches. Our R&D expertise allows our LED products to be controlled via Bluetooth over an American APP.

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