Quality Control

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ISO 9000 Quality Management

ISO quality management standards help our company in documenting our quality system and determine elements needed to maintain our products’ excellent status in the industry.

  • We improve our LED performance and gear it towards your specifications.
  • When you look at our process, you can see that we make excellent use of existing resources in our factory, from our capable staff to our advanced technology.
  • Collaborating with our departments, we engage with our staff and encourage open discussion whenever they find any problems.

In every aspect of production, we look out for any weaknesses and turn them into opportunities to strengthen our product line.

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NVLAP Third Party Accreditation

The National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) is a national program based in the United States that provides thorough and unbiased inspections to accredit laboratories to international standards. As our quality management and technical standards fit ISO/IEC specifications, we were given third-party accreditation by the NVLAP as per government mandate.

Our products have developed through the years thanks to our capable and experienced workforce. Consistently performing positively in NVLAP tests, our LED products are reliable choices for your needs.

Benefits From Our Reliable Quality Control

The best chips and drivers for long term use.

Meet your specific light distribution needs.

Reduce your cost on lights repairement.

Quick shipping service for your intact LED lights.

How Does Wisdom Peform Quality Inspection?

We do dozens of tests to ensure that you are getting the best LED lights from us.

a staff doing integrating sphere analyze

Integrating Sphere Analyze

Measure the optical power, color temperature and luminous efficiency of LED.

high voltage static test

High Voltage Static Test

Test the performance of LED under high voltage.

aging test

Aging Test

We will keep LEDs burning for a consecutive 4 hours for your safe use.

light distribution test

Light Distribution Test

We produce lightig layouts to help you make the right investment on LED lights.

temperature cycle test

Temperature Cycle Test

The LEDs are automatically transferred between hot chanber and cold chamber by type mechanism.

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